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U.S.A.A.F. Combat Cargo Groups of the Second World War


2nd Troop Carrier Squadron, 443rd Troop Carrier Group

A Short History from the "Combat Squadrons of the Air Force World War II"

by Albert F. Simpson Historical Research Center and Office of the Air Force History Headquarters USAF   1982

Edited by Maurer Maurer

Lineage: Constituted as 2nd Provisional Transport Squadron on Mar 1, 1935. Redesignated as 2nd Transport Squadron and activated on Jun 28, 1935. Redesignated 2nd Troop Carrier Squadron on Jul 4, 1942. Inactivated on Dec 24, 1945.

Assignments: Middletown Air Depot, Jun 28, 1935; 10th Transport (later Troop Carrier) Group, May 20, 1937; Tenth Air Force, Feb 17, 1943 (attached to India-China Wing, ATC, Mar 9 - Jul 1, 1943; Assam Air Base Command, Jul 1, 1943 (attached to Troop Carrier Command, Eastern Air Command, Dec 20, 1943 - Mar 6, 1944); 443rd Troop Carrier Group, Mar 6, 1944 - Dec 24, 1945.

Stations: Olmsted Field, Pa, Jun 28, 1935; Stout Field, Ind, May 21, 1942; Kellogg Field, Mich, Jul 1, 1942; Pope Field, NC, Oct 1, 1942-Jan 23, 1943; Yangkai, China, Feb 17, 1943; Dinjan, India, Jul 1, 1943; Shingbwiyang, Burma, Aug 14, 1943; Dinjan, India, Jun 1, 1945; Chihkiang, China, Aug 24, 1945; Hankow, China, Sept. 25-Nov 21, 1945; Camp Anza, Ca., Dec, 23-24, 1945.

Aircraft: C-27, 1935-1937; C-33, 1936-1939; included C-39 and various civilian and military modifications of DC-3 during period 1039-1941; C-47, 1942-1945; C-46, 1945.

Operations: Training of transport pilots, May 21 - Oct 1, 1942; airborne assault on Myitkyina, Burma, May 17, 1944; aerial transportation in CBI, Feb 25, 1943 - Aug 1945; airlift of Chinese troops to eastern China for disarmament operations, Sep-Nov 1945.

Service Streamers: American Theater

Campaigns: India-Burma with Arrowhead; China Defensive; Central Burma; China Offensive.

Decorations: Distinguished Unit Citation: China, Burma, and India (Feb 24-Dec 31, 1943; Burma Feb 1-29, 1944; China, Sept. 5-30, 1945.

Emblem: Upon of disc per bend indented or and azure, a brown spear in fessse, headed gold, winged gules (Approved May 1942)..

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  I am looking for former members of the 3rd Combat Cargo Group,  1st, Combat Cargo Group, 2nd Combat Cargo Group and the 4th Combat Cargo Group.  In fact I would like to hear from anyone who flew over the Hump during WW II, or flew any Combat Cargo Missions at any time (Berlin Air-Lift, Korea, etc) 

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