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U.S.A.A.F. Combat Cargo Groups of the Second World War

4th Combat Cargo Group, 14th Combat Cargo Squadron

A Short History from the "Air Force Units of World War II"

by USAF Historical Division, Air University, Department of the The Air Force  1959

Edited by Maurer Maurer

LINEAGE. Constituted 14th Combat Cargo Squadron on 4 June 1944. Activated on 13 June 1944. Inactivatedon 9 February 1946. Disbanded on 8 October 1948

ASSIGNMENTS. 4th Combat Cargo Group, 13 June 1944 - 9 February 1946

STATIONS. Syracuse AAB, NY, 13 June 1944; Bowman Field, Ky, 16 August -7 November 1944; Sylhet, India, c. 1 December 1944; Argartala, India, c. 1 January 1945; Chittagong, India, 31 January 1946; Namponmao, Burma, c. to June 1945; Ondal, India, November 1945 - 9 February 1946.

AIRCRAFT. C-4-7, 1944; C-46, 1944-1945.

OPERATIONS. Aerial transportation from India to Burma, 4 December 1944 - June 1945, and subsequently from Burma to China.


CAMPAIGNS. India-Burma; Central Burma; China Offensive.


EMBLEM. Over and through a dark blue disc, wide border dark red, piped white, a caricatured gray elephant, riding toward dexter on twin light green aircraft engine nacelles, banded medium blue, carrying miscellaneous i-eight in orange colored boxes in the back tied onto yellow stomach strap, and towing small white glider by yellow rope held in trunk. (Approved 25 Nov 1944)

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  I am looking for former members of the 3rd Combat Cargo Group,  1st, Combat Cargo Group, 2nd Combat Cargo Group and the 4th Combat Cargo Group.  In fact I would like to hear from anyone who flew over the Hump during WW II, or flew any Combat Cargo Missions at any time (Berlin Air-Lift, Korea, etc) 

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