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U.S.A.A.F. Combat Cargo Groups of the Second World War


6th Combat Cargo Squadron, 2nd Combat Cargo Group, 54th Troop Carrier Wing, 5th Air Force, Pacific Theater


CurtissC-46 'Commando' Images from the Pacific Theater

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Clark Field control tower.    60770 AC Control tower at Clark Field, Luzon, Philippine Islands 

From the Estate of John Hollowell

Quezon Strip.    63856 AC. Quezon Strip - An extension of Espana Boulevard in Manila, used by the enemy as well as by the Army Air Forces after its capture on February 5, 1945. American warplanes were flying off this strip when the front line was only a mile away.

From the Estate of John Hollowell

Tacloban Airstrip    61206 AC Aerial view of Tacloban Airstrip, Leyte, Philippine Islands. In the background can be seen a large concentration of shipping

From the Estate of John Hollowell

Tanuan Airstrip P.I.      A-61206   A general view of Tanuan Airstrip, Leyete, Philippine Islands.   This large concentration of airplanes provided a lucrative target for the enemy.  Combat Cargo aircraft  landings were usually from the left side of this pictures;  where there was a Mt. Approx 2,000 ft high.   We had to cut power, use full flaps and put the nose down. 

From the Estate of John Hollowell

C-46 engine change.   B-60766 AC. Mechanics changing engine on Curtiss C-46 'Quivering Sal' At Clark Field, Manila, Philippine Islands

From the Estate of John Hollowell

 C-46 being unloaded with Vultee L-5.    B-60759 AC  A fork lift truck and pallet use for unloading this Vultee L-5 from a C-46 ‘Commando’   Nichols Field, Philippine Islands

From the Estate of John Hollowell


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  I am looking for former members of the 3rd Combat Cargo Group,  1st, Combat Cargo Group, 2nd Combat Cargo Group and the 4th Combat Cargo Group.  In fact I would like to hear from anyone who flew over the Hump during WW II, or flew any Combat Cargo Missions at any time (Berlin Air-Lift, Korea, etc) 

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